Shockproof Aneroid Palm - NSCM-3412

The CM-3412 utilises shockproof technology to provide a cost effective rugged latex free sphygmomanometer. It has a black ABS plastic case with 55mm diameter dial. It has a calibrated manometer with scale up to
300mmHg with NON STOP PIN. It has a latex free inflation system and adult Velcro nylon calibrated cuff. This unit comes standard with a vinyl zipper case.
Latex Free Aneroid Sphygmomanometer - NSCM-1251

The CM-1251 is an economical and reliable latex free aneroid sphygmomanometer. It comes with a durable adjustable manometer calibrated to 0-300mmHG and an adult calibrated nylon cuff. It has a latex free inflation system and air release valve with spring. This unit comes standard with and a vinyl zipper carry case.
Available in coloured sets of Navy Blue, Blue, Magenta, Red, Green, Orange, and Black.
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