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We specialise in preventative maintenance, repairs, servicing, testing and sales of medical oxygen consumables and emergency medical equipment.

Service with Quality Assurance

A&M Medical Services is an SAI global quality assured, WA owned company. We are a quality approved company to ISO 9001:2019 standards.
We travel from Esperance in the South to Wyndham in the North and everywhere inbetween on pre-planned service visits which we have been developing over many years and this has enabled us to offer an excellent service and affordable rates.

A&M Medical Services is proud to announce that we have also gained category three status for HSCQ with Rio Tinto mining and are preferred suppliers.​ We are ready to come to you however remote you are!

Se​rvice Tecnicians at A&M travel
the state​

A & M Medical Services are proud to be involved with the Western Australian Community and have been since 1997. Carrying out such things as planned preventative maintenance to the medical gases systems and equipment for both the public and private hospitals, regional health centres, community health clinics, ambulance centres, mining and other resource sectors. We hold contracts with the HealthDept for Service and consumable sales and have been with St Johns Ambulance & it's sub-centres for years, we have looked after West Australians for 20 years.
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Preventative Maintenance

Not only can we come to your site, A&M Medical Services also has a fully accredited workshop, equipment needing repairs or servicing can be sent to our Malaga office, we offer a quick service repair turnaround so that your vital equipment is where it needs to be.
We have highly trained Service Technicians that have years of experience and will look after your equipment so you don't have to worry.
The safety of our clients’ staff and patients is our primary concern.

Fully accredited workshop


Do we need our medical equipment tested?

All equipment used in a clinical environment must be tested at least annually but depending on conditions and the environment; bi-annually in accordance with the AS:3551 quality regulations.

What equipment needs testing and or servicing and can you service all of it also can you repair equipment?

Yes we can, we can look after all of your requirements from servicing, testing, repairing and we also sell a large range of products if required.

What equipment should be in a preventative maintenance schedule?

All medical equipment should be tested and if necessary serviced. There are many standards that cover the maintenance of medical equipment used on or used for the treatment of humans, this is of course to ensure that when it is needed, it works.

The easiest way is to put all of your equipment on a scheduled preventative maintenance plan so feel free to call and discuss your needs and servicing requirements.

If you have any further questions?
Please feel free to send a message and our staff will get back to you very soon.
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Medical Assetting
A&M Medical Services carries out Medical Equipment Assetting and have assetted many WA Public and private Hospitals.
This online asset system gives better management of Medical equipment and it's service history.  As per the West Australian 2016/17 Auditor General Medical Preventative maintenance report, A&M Medical Services stepped up to the task with ease and Assetted thousands of pieces of equipment throughout the whole of Western Australia.

Medical Assetting gives a constant status of any piece of medical equipment and gives traceability 24/7. Online reporting is immediate and clients can retain a permanent lifecycle analysis.

Contact us here about our Asset Management System. Click on the image.