O Series Regulators

The Series-O regulator has been the industry leader for regulators in Australia for years. The simple but effective design and ease of use make this single stage regulator a very low maintenance yet high performing product: one that can be used in a variety of environments


Encapsulated Seat Technology (EST) ensures superior
performance, accuracy and resistance to ‘surging’

Large diameter diaphragm gives a performance that is
normally only found in double stage regulators

Triple filter system increases the regulator performance by
preventing foreign particles from getting in contact with
the high pressure gas or the regulator seat

No tools are required to routinely disconnect the regulator
from the cylinder valve

A safety relief valve is built in to the regulator to protect
staff and patients in the event of high pressure failures

Tamper resistant design to ensure only qualified personnel
can access the regulator

Colour coded pressure gauges and identification labels for
quick recognition of the gas used by the regulator

Gas specific inlet fittings and outlet fittings to prevent
fitting to the wrong gas type

Weighs approximately 920 grams

Part Numbers

Series O Regulator Oxygen - Pin Index yoke SIS Oxy White 400kPa - NS518804

Series O Regulator Nitrous Oxide - SIS Nitrous Blue 400kPa - NS518808

Series O Regulator Air - SIS Medical Air Black 400kPa - NS518809

Series O Regulator Entonox - SIS Entonox Blue White 400kPa - NS518810

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