Emergency Medical Equipment


Impact resistant to blood, oils, acids and other chemical contaminants
Easy to clean
Compatible with most head immobilizers
Floats for water rescue view of the spinal area
100% X-ray translucent feature gives users an extra clean surface with no seams, cracks, or crevices
Durable and tough materials resulting in a hygienically clean
Lightweight one-piece moulded board
Moulded-in speed clip pins maximize strapping options
Handholds designed to accommodate gloved hands
New and improved runners will keep the board raised for easy access lift
User Manual Included


The versatile head immobiliser by Bound Tree Medical accommodates most extrication collars or can be used as a stand-alone immobilisation system.

It provides firm control of head movement while helping to maintain proper cervical spine alignment without causing patient discomfort. Constructed from specially coated foam, this head immobiliser will not absorb blood or body fluids, is easily sanitised between use and is not affected by adverse weather.

A large ear hole in each head block permits easy monitoring of the patient’s ears for haemorrhage or drainage. It’s metal-free design permits X-Ray’s, CT scans and MRI’s. The head immobiliser set comes complete with two head supports, a universal base and two head straps.

- Will not absorb blood or body fluids
- Compatible with most spine boards
- X-Ray translucent
- Easy to clean
- Hi-Vis Orange

- The Bound Tree Head Immobiliser Complete Set includes:
Universal Base
Head Support Blocks
Head/Chin Strap (Pair)

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The extrication device is easy to use and extremely effective, offering a combination of rigidness and flexibility. The rip-stop fabric and durable interior slats ensure longevity.
The extrication device comes equipped with colour coded straps for ease of application.
This unit can be used on pregnant and paediatric patients.
The extrication device includes head support, reusable head straps, and carrying bag.

Preventative maintenance
We can put your stretchers into a service / preventative maintanance schedule with your other equipment or contact us for a quote for stretcher maintenance only.

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